Optional Hose Ends 


You may attach the optional Hose Ends to connect to a hose for draining oil away from the engine. The user can choose from STRAIGHT HOSE END or L-SHAPED HOSE END to attach, depending on their application. Just screw in the Hose End to the EZ Oil Drain Valve and tighten with a small wrench. The Hose Ends are interchangeable, making it a breeze to remove after changing your oil.

Straight Hose End 

  • Easily screws onto the valve.
  • For users that prefer using a hose to drain oil away from the engine.
  • Ideal for oil pans with a side drain.
  • May be removed after draining oil.
  • Part # H-001 (For Small EZ-100 Series
  • Part # H-002 (For Larger EZ-200 Series & EZ-2 ~EZ-8 valves)

L-Shaped Hose End 

  • Perfect to prevent the hose from bending/kinking
  • Adjustable hose end- ROTATES 360 DEGREES
  • Secure position with the built-in locknut
  • For limited clearance applications
  • Part # L-001 (For Small EZ-100 Series valves)
  • Part # L-002 (For Larger EZ-200 Series & EZ-2 ~ EZ-8 valves)