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H-Type Valves

(with Straight Hose End)

The H-Type valve is equipped with a Fixed Straight Hose End (NOT Removable) for attaching a hose and draining oil away from engines with limited space and access to the drain plug.

  • Perfect for stationary engines, marine engines, generators, pumps, and compressors.
  • Drain oil from limited space and access.
  • Takes the mess out of routine maintenance.

Highly recommended for industrial engines and construction equipment.  The H-Type valves take the mess out of routine maintenance on stationary engines, making it perfect for marine engines, generators, pumps, and compressors.

These valves replace the standard oil drain plug making oil changes cleaner and easier, saving valuable time and expenses.

L-Type Valves

(with L-Shaped Hose End)

The L-Type Valves are equipped with a 90 degree, removable and fully-adjustable hose end.

  • 90 degree Hose End
  • Adjustable Hose End rotates 360°
  • Prevents hose kinking
  • Perfect for limited clearance applications
  • Secure the Hose End position with the built-in lock nut

Approved by Many OEM’s