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Custom Valves

We have the expertise and experience to cater almost every custom valve request. Let us know the details of your requirements and we can have them manufactured to your particular specifications (irrespective of the size and dimension). We generally have minimums on these custom orders, however this might be just what you are looking for so reach us out at info@ezoildrain.com with your request.

Some of our custom valves..

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The EZ Oil Drain Valve is available in a stainless steel version for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank applications. The SS version of the EZ Oil Drain Valves uses the same ball valve design, and is available in several thread sizes. A new lock nut feature on the SS version allows the valve’s final position to be orientated perfectly during installation. A hose can be attached to drain the DEF to prevent it from any spills. As DEF is highly corrosive, the SS version EZ Oil Drain Valve is designed to withstand these properties, using all SS 304 components and a Viton O-ring to seal.


Inline Valves

Similar in design to the standard EZ Oil Drain Valves, the new inline valve version comes with double 5/8” hose end barbs, allowing hose connections on both ends. This may be useful as a compact fluid line shutoff valve for some applications.


Fuel Drain Valves

Designed for fuel draining or applications with limited space. The valve features the same locking mechanism and ball valve design, as well as the special O-ring design and nickel plated exterior. The new feature is the lock nut option on the fuel drain valve that can be used to adjust the final position of the valve. This will allow operators to install the valve in any position they prefer and offers flexible draining options.